How to Apply

Let’s Build BlueCross Healthy Places Together

Community Partnerships

The BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Foundation works with both government entities and non-profit organizations to create BlueCross Healthy Places.

We accept proposals for BlueCross Healthy Place grants Aug. 1-31 each year.

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Uniquely Designed for Your Community

BlueCross Healthy Places encompass a variety of features, from accessible play spaces to paved walking paths. We’ll work with you to select the amenities that best meet the needs of the area you serve. Take a look below to see what your BlueCross Healthy Place could include.

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Application Guidelines

Before requesting funding for a BlueCross Healthy Place project in your area, learn what we’re looking for in a proposal.

Applying organizations must:

  • Be the legal titleholder of the property with full approval to execute the project and ensure site readiness
  • Seek community input on project priorities before proposal submission
  • Provide metes and bounds documentation and most recent land survey upon submission

Those guidelines help show the types of projects we’ll prioritize, but it’s also important to know what we’re unable to provide funds for. Here are some examples:

  • Purchasing land
  • Private clubs or property
  • Religious programming
  • Individual schools
  • Staffing pay
  • Co-branded projects

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Notification Timing

Applicants who are not chosen as finalists will receive declination notices no later than the end of the application year.

Finalists will receive proposal results no later than Feb. 1.

For more information about applying for a BlueCross Healthy Place grant, email

Key Considerations

While working on your application, please keep in mind that your proposed project must:

  • Be free and open to the public
  • Demonstrate a community benefit and include community input
  • Include a project implementation timeline
  • Agree to exclusive BlueCross Healthy Place branding and naming rights

Want to bring a BlueCross Healthy Place to your community?