H.V. Griffin Park

at H.V. Griffin Park

A Space for Connection

The City of Shelbyville applied for a BlueCross Healthy Place grant with the hope of creating a centralized space to bring residents together. The BlueCross Foundation invested $750,000 in the project, and the completed space features a large play area, a Thrive fitness station a swing set and freestanding play/climbing areas.


The BlueCross Healthy Place has accessible play areas for children ages 2-5 and 5-12.

Swing set

The space also features a swing set with accessible swings.

In the News

Shelbyville Celebrates Opening of BlueCross Healthy Place at H.V. Griffin Park

Residents of Shelbyville gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of the BlueCross Healthy Place at H.V. Griffin Park.

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